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Cockroaches are small, highly resilient, scavenging insects. They are known as pests in the cities, but they also pose a real danger to humans through their tendency to spread disease, either directly by their bite, or by scattering trash in human cities.

Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders are the most notable natural enemy to the cockroaches, who raise roaches in pens. When the roaches reach maturity, the spiders paralyze them, (set them up in webs) and suck them dry. Conversely, cockroaches also find spiders tasty to eat, although their main diet is nutritious trash.

Giant cockroaches formed one of the Plagues that swept Valorim in 832 IE. The cockroach plague consisted of many unusual types of magically created roaches, including giant roaches, mung roaches and guardian roaches. These unusual roaches were created in the Filth Factory. However, no new sightings have been reported since the Factory was destroyed by a band of adventurers.

Types of Cockroaches

  • Large cockroach is a common breed of the roach-family of insectoids.
  • Giant cockroach is a bigger form of the large roach. They are generally harder to kill and have a more dangerous bite. They are also capable of spreading disease.
  • Huge cockroach is a breed strong enough to inflict lasting wounds, effectively weakening the victim until they rest to recover.
  • Guardian cockroach is the largest and most unhealthy of the giant roach family.
  • Mung cockroach does not carry disease but is covered in poisonous mung, instead, which seeps into anything it touches.
  • Roachranea is an unprecedented type of a roach, bred by the giant friendly spiders on Isle of Bigail. The insect is presumably a hybrid between an aranea and a common roach, or a mutated roach that is capable of spellcasting for inexplicable reasons.

Friendly Roaches

The Isle of Bigail in Valorim is home to a colony of friendly roaches. Like the plague roaches, the friendly roaches originated in the Filth Factory. However unlike the nasty roaches, the friendly roaches were born intelligent, and fearing being slaughtered by the humans, they hid in a cave whose whereabouts was a closely guarded secret, but was known to the GIFTS.

The friendly roaches dreamed of peaceful coexistence with the humans. All they wanted was to get along with humanity and collect humans' filth. The friendly roaches helped the Surface Explorers by telling them the location of the Filth Factory producing the hostile roaches, and thus unwittingly participated in its' destruction.

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