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Humans are a sentient bipedal race that lives throughout Ermarian. They are notable for their territorial instincts, their great resourcefulness and capacity for tool use. Their versatile skills in almost any area are only matched by their self-confidence often bordering on arrogance. They are prone to aggression.

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Humans, depending on gender and origin, reach a size between 1.6 and 2 meters, and adults weigh anywhere between 650 and 1500 stones. They walk upright. Humans, as a whole, tend to have hair in notable quantaties on their heads, as well as some other areas varying on gender and age.


Humans are natural denizens of the surface of Ermarian. Although they do not photosynthesize like plants do, they require sunlight to stay in good health for an extended time. However, the race's natural ability for magic and their skills in producing and using tools enables them to survive in most climates and surroundings.



Humans have, during much of their history, held a xenophobic attitude toward other races. They fought wars of extermination against non-humans, among them Giants, Nephilim, Troglodytes, and Goblins. In more recent times, they have made peace with many of the races they once fought, notably the Nephilim and the Slithzerikai, under the reigns of Empress Prazac and King Micah.


Humans, historically, have lived under a single nation known as the Empire. This Empire has, though ages of more or less violent expansion, taken its place as the most powerful land above ground, displacing most indigenous non-human species inhabiting the lands they conquered (see Extermination of Non-Humans).

Since a relatively recent time (less than a century ago), humans have discovered a system of caverns that was formerly inhabited by the Vahnatai (now living deeper beneath the surface). After tentative exploration that cost them many lives, they decided to use these caverns as a prison for those who they deemed detrimental to their society. However, these Exiled humans founded another nation, known as the Kingdom of Avernum. This Kingdom was briefly at war with the Empire, but the humans have currently resolved most of their differences.