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Crisper was a sage and innkeeper who was infamously driven batty by giant spiders.

Around 817 IE, he was researching the Orb of Thralni with Leith. The two were trying to get information from Motrax when Crisper was driven "insane" by the GIFTS.

Crisper abandoned his researches and settled down in Northeastern Exile, eventually running an inn, the House of Crisper, in Fort Draco. Working there, his anxiety about spiders and spiderwebs drove him to be obsessed with cleanliness.

When Upper Avernum was settled, Crisper jumped at the chance to get away from spiders, and volunteered to help found New Cotra. He built an inn there, the Phoenix, and was elected mayor for the year of 833 IE. After the giant spiders abandoned Northeastern Exile, Crisper returned to Fort Draco to keep its inn once again.