Fort Draco

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Cities and Settlements of Ermarian
Fort Draco
Northeastern Exile
Major Industries
Kingdom of Avernum

Fort Draco received its' name due to the proximity to the lair of Motrax the dragon. Fort Draco became important because of the rich mining and refining operations that were established in the area. Eventually the vast nodes of minerals and steep income of ore lured blacksmiths to Fort Draco, one of whom would be later known as Boutell. The blacksmiths were known for their quality steel, and for many years to come, Avernite soldiers would refer proudly to weapons made of "Draco steel".

The Fort's captains and commanders were tasked to capacity with maintaining safety around the surrounding areas, including the multitudes of farms and homesteads to the southeast. The threats that the Avernite soldiers had to face were mainly comprised of arachnids, bandits and hostile nephilim. Various adventurers were also recruited to the Fort's aid. The most famed of such adventurers were the Hawthorne's Assassins who saved a patrol of Avernite soldiers from a marauding bunch of hostile araneas to the west of Fort Draco.