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Motrax was the oldest dragon in Exile, and once the strongest. He made his lair in Northeastern Exile. Despite his first encounter with humans, in which he was attacked by members of the First Expedition, Motrax was known for being a kindly and curious creature who enjoyed talking to visitors. Fort Draco got its name from its proximity to Motrax.

During the Empire-Avernum War, he was attacked by Empire soldiers and sustained serious injuries. The Tower of Magi installed Enla and Ostoth at his lair, along with a cadre of golems, in order to protect him, and also to press him for information about the Vahnatai. But Motrax had already grown weak and senile, and after several years he passed away.

After Motrax's death, his cave became neglected. Monsters moved into the caves, and the Vahnatai eventually set up a small outpost there during Rentar-Ihrno's eventual Retribution against Avernum.

Ostoth estimated Motrax's age at 800-900 years, which would make him older than the Pralgadian Empire.

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