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Exile/Avernum Conflict
The subject matter of this article is different in the Exile and Avernum series.
An attempt has been made to unite the two concepts as best as possible. (See Exile vs Avernum)

Gorgons are extremely rare humanoid creatures of great power.

Gorgons are slightly larger than men, typically reaching about seven feet tall. Their bodies are very unusual in composition, and have been described as rocklike, often with lines running down their backs.

Magical in nature, the gorgon was once famous for the sleep-inducing clouds of gas it could emit. However, gorgons seem to have reconfigured their magical ability somehow. Shortly after the discovery of forcecages by Empire researchers, gorgons began to be observed emitting only forcecage beams instead of sleep clouds.

This species-wide shift has prompted much discussion among researchers, and some have suggested that gorgons are golems of some renegade variety. The strange bodies, plasticity, intelligence, belligerance, seclusiveness, and rarity of these creatures all make it difficult to say anything about their origin or nature.