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Out of Character (OOC)
This entry is written in an Out of Character (OOC) perspective. It references real-life concepts and persons, or it reveals information that cannot possibly be known by an inhabitant of Ermarian. To maintain an authentic atmosphere of the Encyclopedia as a work compiled by loremasters within Ermarian itself, entries like these should be kept to a minimum.

Naming the Caves

While the game canon contains some pretty glaring contradictions, especially in changes made between the Exile and the Avernum series, the most obvious discrepancy is precisely that: The name. The caves are called respectively "Exile" and "Avernum".

Because this is an awful contradiction at an awfully prominent place, the Encyclopedia has arbitrarily resolved this issue. Because of that, the terminology that now applies is this:

  1. Exile is the name that the Empire first gave to the caves when it began to exile people below. Since then, it has stayed as the geographical name of this region, much like the name Valorim for the fourth continent.
  2. Avernum is the name that the Exiles gave to their newly founded Kingdom, whose first King was Micah. Since then, it has been the name of the nation occupying the caverns, whose long form is the Kingdom of Avernum.

In a hypothetical situation, were the Vahnatai to attack and conquer the caves, forcing all surviving humans to flee above ground, the Kingdom of Avernum would cease to exist. By humans, however, the land occupied by the Vahnatai would continue to be referred to as "Exile".

Other discrepancies

Further conflicts between the two game series should be noted with the template {{exile_avernum}}, resulting in this box:

Exile3 logo.gif
Exile/Avernum Conflict
The subject matter of this article is different in the Exile and Avernum series.
An attempt has been made to unite the two concepts as best as possible. (See Exile vs Avernum)

The issue should then be resolved as soon as possible.