Horde Triad Slayers

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In 880 IE, a group of young Avernite soldiers were called up from The Castle's Food Depot to do a series of missions for the Crown. Along the way, they attempted to solve the mystery of the Mushroom Blight, but were unsuccessful. They also restored order to many parts of Avernum by ridding places of bandits, goblins, slimes, undead, and other monsters. Their claim to fame is that they almost single-handedly killed the Slith Horde Triad. Because of this, this group has become known as the Horde Triad Slayers in 882. Their place in history is shrouded in mystery because of their strange disappearance at the Great Portal.

Humble Beginnings

In 879, four new Avernite soldiers were sent to help out at the Castle's Food Depot under the supervision of Sergeant Nichol. For one whole year, they moved supplies within the cellars of the depot. Then in 880 IE -- legend claims it was exactly a year to the day since their arrival -- goblins snuck into the cellars and started stealing food. These four were tasked of ridding the cellar of the goblins. They fought the goblins and found their leader, Lord Trinket, in a back room. Lord Trinket escaped but the other goblins were killed. Sergeant Nichol told them to report the goblins to Lieutenant Katlyn. She gave them the mission to kill Lord Trinket. These four headed south to an abandoned mine where Lord Trinket was. There they met a young man recently arrived from the surface named Vanderlin. He joined the four into the mine. They battled goblins and bats throughout the mine until they came to a room where Lord Trinket was prepared to make his last stand. (There was also a slith standing behind a closed gate.) Upon killing Lord Trinket, he yelled for help to someone named Khrez-Yss, but no one answered. Then the mysterious slith spoke to the soldiers. He said that he was not afraid of them and it would be only too easy to kill them now. Then he walked away. They reported killing Lord Trinket to Lieutenant Katlyn. She thanked them for such a good job and told them to report to Commander Meryhew at the Castle.

Early Castle Missions

Upon their arrival at the Castle, Commander Meryhew promptly assigned her new charges the task of traveling to the Portal Fortress and being instructed in the use of portals, the better to facilitate their journeys in Avernum. The Portal Master, after requiring the soldiers assistance in dealing with shades called into being by the portal, gave them the required instruction, and they returned to the Castle to receive further instructions. Their missions were to take them to Gnass, to Dharmon and to Patrick's Tower. It is not entirely clear whether they actually resolved all three of the difficulties confronting these settlements. Some accounts of the era suggest that they only dealt with two of them, with the third allegedly handled by another party. In the absence of certain evidence to the contrary, however, all three situations will be discussed as though they were resolved by the Horde Triad Slayers-to-be.