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Portal Fortress
Upper Avernum
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Kingdom of Avernum
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Note: This entry refers to a fortress built by the Kingdom of Avernum. For the fortress that housed the Empire's mass teleporter, see Portal Fortress (Empire).

Portal Fortress stands in Upper Avernum. It was built to house the portal that first connected the Tower of Magi and the caverns of Exile to the caves of Upper Avernum; later it served to connect the rebuilt Tower Colony and the Upper Avernum. Many mages dwell and study there.


During Reconciliation, the portal was supervised by Seles, portal mage of the Tower, and was built with the help of the vahnatai. Though mostly being a two-way portal between the Tower and Upper Avernum before the Reconciliation, it was briefly rerouted so that the Surface Explorers could travel into the caves of the Cult of the Sacred Item to retrieve the Orb of Thralni.

Present day

At present, it is still running on full power, allowing traffic between Exile and the surface (via Fort Emergence) to any adventurers and settlers. Since the necessity of maintaining a strong troop presence in Upper Avernum has ended with the reconciliation of the Empire and the Kingdom of Avernum, the excessive restrictions on its civilian use are lifted. It no longer teleports exclusively to the Tower Colony, and can deliver supplies to any part of Avernum.

Although it was feared that the followers of Rentar-Ihrno, with their intimate knowledge of the portal and its significance, would attempt to strike at it (thereby cutting Exile off from the surface), so far this has not happened. Meanwhile, Empire wizards are working on re-establishing further portals to Exile, which had been taken down during the Empire-Avernum War.


Notable avernites

(Served during Reconciliation.)

  • Jake, captain of Portal Fortress (interim), transferred to Fort Emergence to serve under commander Johnson.
  • Julio, a freelancing cartographer, had dealings with Unspecified Services.
  • Seles, overseer of the portal.
  • Kelner, chief administrator of bureaucracy.