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Cities and Settlements of Ermarian
City of Dharmon
Great Cave
Major Industries
Kingdom of Avernum
Mining, metal industry

Dharmon is one of the Six Cities of Exile. Famously described as "carved out of the living rock of Avernum," it is a city surrounded by stone, with a vigorous economy based on the mining, refining and smelting of ore.


Early Years

Dharmon was one of the first settlements founded after the fledgling Kingdom of Avernum built the Castle and secured the Great Cave from the slithzerikai. For a nation at war with practically no real weapons, mining bronze, iron, tin and other metals was a priority - purifying the iron ore into steel even more so. Because of the generally hazardous nature of life in the caves, the demand for metal continued well after the end of the First Slith War.

During Empire-Avernum War

The pace of mining and smithing increased dramatically during the Empire-Avernum War. The front lines of the war were just north of Dharmon, somewhere around the former Fort Saffron. Not only were great numbers of supplies needed to outfit the troops, but Dharmon was the closest city to the fighting. Dharmon garrison was also responsible for maintaining and supporting the city guard at the rebuilt Fort Remote.

During Retribution

Dharmon was haunted by one of the Black Shades.

Government and society

Most of the people of Dharmon are extremely hard-working. However, the coin has another side, which is somewhat of an proud and even paranoid disposition to people from other parts of Avernum.

Mayor sat on Council of Avernum.


  • DeBry
  • Genevieve Radner
  • Coriana