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"Far be it from me to badmouth a superior, but let's just say whenever he sees a hole in the ground, he has trouble realizing that's what he's looking at, if you catch my drift." --Renee, Quartermaster of the Castle

Houghton was an officer of the army and court of Avernum who spent most of his years serving in the Castle. He was known for his abrasive manner, and for his dearth of genius.

Houghton was named Temporary Commander of the Forces of the Castle during the First Slith War, while Commander Frankl led forces attempting to raid the castle of Sss-Thsss.

During the Empire-Avernum War, rumors surfaced that Houghton was killed in the Tower of Elderan, but these were spurious.

After the ascension of King Starrus, Houghton was named Advisor to the King. In this role, he controlled access to the king, and became very unpopular by restricting it greatly. Accusations surfaced that Houghton was attempting to manipulate the young king.

During the Retribution, he was killed by Vahnatai raiders inadvertantly brought to the Castle by the Shade-Killers.