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The family line of Sss-Thsss is a complex one and has puzzled many scholars over the years. For ulterior reasons, the barbaric slithzerikai family decided to keep the name passed from one generation to another.

First Thsss

Sss-Thsss the First was the leader of the demon-worshipping slithzerikai rebels who were expelled from their homeland and settled in Exile around 617 IE. He was killed by Calindor in 727 IE. Although he was technically referenced to as "Thsss" within the Bahssikava Deeps by the magical wards set into the doors by the ancient homeland sliths, he is referenced to as Sss-Thsss by many historians.

Second Thsss

Source: Apocrypha

It is logical to assume that Sss-Thsss the Second is either the son or the grandson of Sss-Thsss the First; however this has not been explicitly confirmed within the annals of Patrick's Tower.

Sss-Thsss the Second led the sliths during the First Slith War. He made pact with Grah-Hoth to help fight the humans in exchange for power in 777 IE. He was assassinated by Hawthorne's Assassins in 817 IE. He was largely responsible for the war, and after his death the fighting tapered off. However, some slithzerikai extremists continued fighting, worshipping their fallen king as a god.

Discrepancies in historical references

Although Sss-Thsss the First has been also referenced to as Sss-Thoss, it seems likely that this is humans scholars' and librarians' attempt to clarify the different generations for themselves. Indeed, the annals recognize no such name, and are therefore considered non-canonical and/or apocryphal.