Morrow's Isle

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A map with major settlements marked.

Morrow's Isle is a large and extremely fertile island near the shores of Valorim.





Humans, ogres


Morrow's Isle was first settled by humans around 640 IE. The settlers killed the few Nephilim who dwelt there and claimed its rich farmland and other plentiful resources for their own.

Around 740 IE, the Empire, which had begun to keep a closer eye on Valorim, established a feudal state on the island. The people of the island became serfs, and were ruled by a succession of lords. There were occasional rebellions, but they were all put down.

Around 835 IE, the Empire replaced the relatively benevolent Lord Brosterman with the cruel and selfish Lord Volpe. Volpe brought a hand-picked aristocracy with him from the mainland. He began to work the serfs harder, and conditions among them deteriorated.

After several years of Volpe's rule, a rebellion sprang up that the Empire was unable to put down, led by a miner, Stalker. The rebels, who called themselves the Hill Runners, seized control of the town of Buzzard. They employed particularly vicious tactics, targeting anyone who aided Volpe and the Empire in any way, and they were not afraid to harm innocents.

In 844 IE, the Hill Runners managed to assassinate Volpe. The Empire sent additional troops to the isle, under the direction of General Jaen. Since then, the isle has been in a state of civil war. Stalker's rebellion continues to inspire smaller rebellions elsewhere in the Empire.


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