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Cities and Settlements of Ermarian
Morrow's Isle
Major Industries
Interregnum (Due to internal strife)
Trading, Magic

Zaskiva, located on Zaskiva Isle is the capital of Morrow's Isle. It was founded in 834 IE when Lord Volpe took control of the region and moved the capital there from Selathni in the south.

It was considered by many to be ahead of it's time as it was among the first Imperial settlements in Valorim to have a fully working sewer system. Although it has been reported due to neglect caused by bad design and the ongoing Hill Runners rebellion that it is not in good condition.

The chief industries of Zaskiva other than being the political centre is trade from the merchant ships which dock and the Zaskiva School of Magery. Although both have taken a blow due to the continuing rebellion.

In the first decade or so of it's existence, Zaskiva had a relatively peaceful time, being isolated from any strife until 844 IE when Lord Volpe was assassinated in a successful plot by the Hill Runners.

Leaders of Zaskiva

  • Lord Volpe

It is unknown when a new leader will take the seat until the Hill Runner rebellion is ended on way or another.