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Rentar-Ihrno was the most powerful Vahnatai mage with whom humans have come into contact. Rentar-Ihrno was instrumental in Avernum's victory in the Empire-Avernum War, but her hatred for the Empire did not end there. For the theft of the Crystal Souls, she condemned the continent of Valorim to die under a swarm of magical beasts. With unparalleled magical knowledge and strength, it came as a surprise to many to hear that she was nearly bested by the human mage Erika Redmark. Some experts on magic conjecture that so much of her energy was poured into the factory that she was not at full strength, but others merely credit Redmark with being the most powerful mage of the time.

Rentar-Ihrno did not perish in her factory's collapse, however. With a final threat to the adventurers, she teleported far underground. While there are a number of likely apocryphical accounts of adventurers encountering her in the years afterwards, she ultimately resurfaced in 855 IE, when she resurfaced as a Crystal Soul and the mastermind behind Vahnatai retribution. However, scorned by the Olgai Council after requesting to be made into a Crystal Soul, she dangerously (although successfully) made the transformation herself. Ultimately, she was overcome by the Shade-Killers, though there are conflicting accounts of her final fate. According to some, she was defeated in battle, while other reports suggest that the adventurers offered her mercy and turned her over to the Olgai Council, which apparently executed her.