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Every few hundred years, the Vahnatai undergo a self-induced sort of hibernation called Resting. During this time, the world is allowed to replenish - food sources regrow, animals roam free through the caves, and the Vahnatai recharge mentally and spiritually. The Vahnatai do not age during their Resting period, which typically lasts several centuries. While they are Resting, several appointed crystal souls monitor the Vahnatai, keeping them safe, and Awakening them when the time has come. This long wait has been known to drive some crystal souls to madness, which is why there are always several crystal souls assigned to this task.

Vahnatai Rest in extremely sturdy coffin-like vaults to protect them from the changing world, inquisitive animals, and graverobbers. In these chambers they rest until it is time for Awakening, which is carried out initially by crystal souls, and then by intrepid Vahnatai charged with finding the rest of the clan. This can be a more difficult job than it seems, as geological shifts often occur during the times of the Resting, sometimes sending chambers far away from the rest of the clan.

After they have been Awakened, Vahnatai begin to rebuild their cities and establish their society once more. This often allows for the gathering of new knowledge, which is extremely important to Vahnatai. It was just after they finished Resting that the Olgai Clan discovered humans had come to their caves. First encounters with Avernite adventurers proved exciting for both parties, as Vahnatai used the opportunity to discover new information about Ermarian and humans discovered a new race existed deep in the caves.