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Source: Akhronath canon

Soruharva is the traditional language of magic and spells. Some wizards now theorize that the language is in fact not significant for the effect on the spell, and rather a way to focus and visualize that effect (and thus any other language would do fine as long as the mage is able to concentrate). However, Soruharva is still the only language commonly used.

General Information

The particular form of Soruharva detailed below is Soruharva Proper which is the standardised version used by the Empire and differs slightly from what is used in Avernum. Another variant is Draconic Soruharva which is spoken by Dragons and used in naming.


Sentence Structure

Soruharva adheres to a subject-object-verb structure rather than the subject-verb-object structure of modern Imperial Standard.






Noun Conjugations

Examples using the words sarca (blade), lúm (hole, opening) and haros (master).

Noun Conjugations Indefinite Singular Indefinite Plural Definite Singular Definite Plural
Nominative sarcha lúm haros sarcá lúmu haroeth sarci lúmi haris sarces lúmes harhwyth
Genitive sarcon, lúmhon, haron rsarcáon, lúmun, haroen sarcion, lúmion, harion sarcein, lúmesso, harhwyn
Locative sarcet, lúmet sarcáth, lúmath sarcir, lúmir sarcáeth, lúmaeth


Soruharva differentiates between personal and impersonal pronouns in the third person. Which it makes the distinction between sentient and non-sentient entities. In the terms of Imperial Standard he/she vs. it.

Pronoun Personal Impersonal
First-Person Singular an an
First-Person Plural ánad ánad
Second-Person Singular u u
Second-Person Dual um um
Second-Person Plural ór ór
Third-Person Singular i ic
Third-Person Dual iss isc
Third-Person Limited Plural ína ínac
Third-Person Plural ínn ínn


Type Query Negative Exclusive Inclusive
Person enn nár est oèja
Location vin ávin vis óva
Object is ámis isi óm
Time ejel eli elann


Most verbs in Soruharva terminate with -è in their infinitive forms. The following table will use the word sarc as an example.

Verb Tense Conjugation
Infinitive sarcè
Present sarc
Present Imperfect sarcè
Past sarca
Pluperfect sarcája
Participle sarcu
Future sarcelè


A brief look at the more common words used in this language.

Root Known Words
AI aennè v. to rise

ai prep. above, over

ALA alannè v. to grow
ANJ ang n. tower

anja n. spearpoint

AND ánthru adj. pale white
AR arè v. to be
ARC ARC archad n. branch, divergence

arcè v. to branch, to diverge

CAIM caima n. light, esp. bright golden
CARS caras n. demon, nether creature
CEL celra n. silver

cel adj. of silvery color or quality

COLT colt n. iron
COSSA cossa n. drake, dragon
CREV crevírè v. to intertwine
DAR darrè v. to flow
DU duè v. to have to, to must
ÉN énè v. to think, to ponder
ER era adj. black
ES essè v. to see

essos n. watcher, scryer

FAR farra n. cloud
HAJ hajan n. ship
HAL halenè v. to sing

halenos n. singer

HARTH haros n. lord, master

haran v. to rule over

HARV harva n. speech, language

harwè v. to speak

HWAI hwaira n. wind
HWES hwest n. dusk
HYS hyth n. flute

hysurè v. to whistle

LÁD ladra n. table

laden n. lake

LÁN lánth adj. divine, holy

lamperos n. priest

LETH leth n. leaf, chapter
LOR lor n. day
LOS lossè v. to come
LÚM lúm n. hole, opening, cave
LYM lymnen n. tree
MAIA maia n. fire

mair sun

MÁN mánta n. earth, soil

ríemand n. beach

MEJ mejor n. sorrow
MER mera mera n. star
MIS mith n. pen, quill

missè v. to write to dictation, to copy

MÓR mór n. undeath
NODR dors n. smith, craftsman

dorè to make

ORM orm adj. long

ormal adv. long

PER peros n. servant
RAID rhaidè v. to take, to bear
RAR rár adj. wide
RAUN raun v. to fly
REI réjeth n. mysticism

réos n. fairy, elf

RHÚN rhúnè v. to descend, to fall
RIJ ríja n. water

ríen n. body of water fáríen n. sea, ocean ríemand n. beach ríesarca n. stream of water ríoros n. river

RUL rullad n. crown
RWEN rwenta n. cycle, year
SANT santè v. to add
SAR sarca n. blade, sword

sarcè v. to cut, to cleave ríesarca n. stream of water

SEN senru adj. grey
SIL sil n. ice

silf adj. icy silos n. moon silesóna n. winter

SÓN sonn n. time

silesóna n. winter

SOR soros n. mage
SYN synn int. yes, certainly
VAI vairè v. to expire, to pass away
VAL val n. wall

Corpus Wordlist

Magic Language
Demon-Slayer (NB: This translation is of a debased form of Soruharva)

Note: All existing information on Soruharva is derived from the Archives of Akhronath