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In Languages - Vanta and Tass-Shiih? What are those? I've always referred to the Slith language as Slithzerikaiis, if Tass-Sshih is their language.

Re: Yep, had some kind of naming seizure with that last one. :P Can be changed to Slithzerikaiis (did Alec develop some of it?) and whatever the native language of Vantanas is.---Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 10:09, 5 Sep 2005 (CEST)
I have a little bit of Slithzerikaiis info Alec gave me. As for Vanta, that's fine, although I say in the Vantanas entry that Vantanas is an ancient Aizoan word. Drakey
We could call it Vanta for now, and later give it a better name when (if ever) it is developed. If the natives had no previous outside contact and know only one language, they don't even need their own name for it. (See Jeff's: "There's no need for fancy names when there's only one...") Vanta would be what the Empire calls it. --- Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 13:58, 5 Sep 2005 (CEST)

Natural resourses

The minerals go up to mithral, but there is an adamantine axe and I read this somewhere, probable drakefyre's demesne, there was 'irudite'. Also, I think there should be bow woods (cavewood, lemonwood, yew, etc.) and whatever black halberd is made of.

Alloys (as I am assuming adamantite is) are not natural resources. I would imagine that the Black Halberd is enchanted steel or something to that effect. The list of materials on my site is not necessarily for Ermarian - more as an aid to scenario designers. --Drakey 13:43, 2 Sep 2005 (CEST)
The ending of "adamantite" indicates a mineral or stone. It's a weird idea, and I suppose it's a mistake on Jeff's part, but it isn't entirely impossible - there could be some kind of durable mineral that can be fashioned into weapons. Why do you assume it's an alloy? --- Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 21:47, 2 Sep 2005 (CEST)
I assume that it's an alloy because it's only used for powerful items and rarely at that, so I assume it requires a highly magical sort of Bessemer process. Also, I'd like it if you answered my language question :P. Drakey

Too many resources

Who the heck pasted this huge list of natural resources in there? Only about five of them are ever going to be developed, and some of them definitely don't exist on Ermarian - or do we have Maple trees anywhere?

I'd suggest it gets removed and replaced with a more concise list, or it is changed from bullet points to a comma-separated list filling the line. That would save space, and having all these trivial resources take up so much scrolling time doesn't make any sense... Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 17:54, 25 January 2006 (CST)

I'll take care of it. --Drakey

I'll just keep iron, as so many weapons in the games are made out of that metal-- Noname.