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Ongoing accumulation of mage information.

As slartucker said on his page, this section does look like it needs rewriting. First I'm gathering what information I've found in the game.


Ok, I played through this recently so some of it is fresh.


Wizards/Mages (Mostly those that work for the Empire or are attached to their previous rank in this game) are ranked by circles. First Circle is the lowest rank (Though I'm assuming this greater than apprentice, probably initial rank after finishing apprenticeship.) Sixth Circle is the highest and Garzahd tells the PCs he is the only one.

  • Since he is not counting the exiled great mages I think the Empire considers their rank null and void.

Quotes pertaining to Circle ranking:

"It is the highest circle, and only I inhabit it. It is I who knows all secrets. It is I who decides who can learn what." -Garzahd

"He is a wizard, and the badges and symbols on his robe mark him as being of very high rank." (Mentioned elsewhere in game as well, so this is how they show their rank.)


Avernum 4

You said that you are a hedge wizard? "Yes. That is what we call ourselves. We are wizards who don't belong to a school or hide in a tower. We go out and live in villages and forts, doing our best to help people out in the day to day." "Minor charms, helping with defense, alchemy. That sort of thing."

"You meet the hedge wizard of Fort Draco. Hedge wizards are mages who travel to remote lands to aid small villages and forts with their powers. It is a humble calling, but a very valuable one. However, the combination of solitude, pent-up magical power, and exposure to noxious chemicals and potions can have an effect of the mind of a hedge wizard. This man, for example, is clearly nuttier than a bag of nuts."

"This woman looks like she is new to the world of wizardry. Her robes are covered with embroidered glyphs and runes, some of them glowing, and she wears an ostentatious amount of talismans, fetishes, and other enchanted jewelry. New mages frequently submit to such excesses of fashion. They haven't helped her confidence, however. She looks terrified."

Mage Rank/Type/Positions

Names I've found so far for different types of mages. I think a game mentioned that the name depends on what you do.

  • Incantor
  • Incantatrix (Hathwisa is mentioned to be one)
  • Mage-Botanist
  • Wizard
  • Archer Mage
  • Rogue Mage
  • Apprentice Mage
  • Slith Enchanter
  • Vahnatai Shaper (Names for both priest and mage types in A4)
  • Wizardess
  • Sorceress
  • Sorcerer
  • Hedge Wizard
  • Hedge Mage