Temple of Unbroken Justice

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The Temple of Unbroken Justice gained quite a following in Formello and the surrounding area in the years leading up to Rentar-Ihrno's Retribution and the years after. Indeed, the Order were largely responsible for repairing the shattered psyche of the city's residents. This is by no means a peaceful religion anyone who wishes to learn from the Temple are first tested in combat and it's followers are specially adept a rituals that aid in battle. This has lead to many adventurers following the religion for it's obvious benefits (Including the famous Shade-Killers)

The shrine's central tenets are the virtuous should be rewarded in this life and justice should be achieved through any means necessary. Currently lead by Abbess Haehn the Temple of Unbroken Justice replaced the former shrine in Formello; the Church of the Bright Star.

Religion in Ermarian
Temple of Unbroken Justice
Central Tenet: Do what is necessary to attain Justice
Leader: Abbess Haehn
Founded: Unknown | Centered in: Formello