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Cities and Settlements of Ermarian
City of Formello
Northeastern Exile
Major Industries
Kingdom of Avernum
Farming, Magic

Formello is the largest settlement in Northeastern Exile. The city proper is located in the center of the large cavern just north of the Eastern Gallery, and is surrounded on two sides by rock and on the other two by a shallow river. Large numbers of farms lace the rest of the cavern.

Considered by many to be the most pleasant place in Exile, Formello was also famous for having the third-largest library in the caves, along with a tiny school of magic. The city also sports a beautiful park.


Formello is certainly the most placid of Avernum's settlements. It is in a relatively peripheral and easily defendable cavern — it has only three entrances, two narrow ones plus a bridge — so even bandits have never been more than a minor problem. Early on, its close proximity to the lair of Motrax also kept monsters away.

For many years, the Nephilim castle southwest of Formello launched occasional sorties against the city. With the exception of one raid, during which the gold necklace of the First Expedition was stolen, these had little success. In IE 817 Hawthorne's Assassins destroyed the castle and returned the necklace.

During the Empire-Avernum War, a garrison was installed in the city. However, few Empire troops attacked the area, and many of those who did were dispatched by other creatures, including Motrax and the giant spiders. More importantly, Formello was the location Bon-Ihrno contacted and created a route to (the Black Waters) in an attempt to establish understanding between the Vahnatai and the Kingdom of Avernum.

In IE 855, Formello and Silvar were afflicted with the Black Shade of Ice as part of the Vahnatai retribution. The shade was eventually destroyed by the Shade-Killers.


Mayor sat on Council of Avernum.


  • Evelyn
  • Amtar
  • Henrietta