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Thralni was a member of the First Expedition, commissioned by Emperor Hawthorne I. Credited with exploring the darkest reaches of Valorim, Thralni leapt at the opportunity to expand his resumé in service of the Empire. Thralni is perhaps most famous for his orb of flight, commonly called the Orb of Thralni. The orb was given to him by mages at the Saxton School of Magic to aid him in his exploration of the caves. Thralni was one of the first members of the expedition to fall victim to the caves, and ironically, the orb contributed to his death. His overzealous faith in it led him to explore the Waterfall Warrens recklessly, and his ship ran aground. He then fell prey to an exploding trap in a nearby crypt, leading to his death and the loss of the Orb until 817 IE.