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Worms are common insectoids within the underworld. Like any insectoids, they are often found in large swarms or packs, often guided by a hivemind or a single individual - usually a queen.

Physical traits

Common worms are long, crawling insects with mandibles that they use to defend themselves. Some worms have also evolved to excrete elements and acidic compounds. It is possible that the insects mutate themselves to cope with the environment; this might be why e.g. lava worms have been found near active fumaroles and lava pools, although the theory has never been proven by directly observing the morphing process.


  • Cave worms are the most common form of the worm-species that live in the cave systems of Avernum and the Lower caves. They are sometimes hunted for crystals they have devoured.
  • Spiny worms
  • Lava worms
  • Frozen worms
  • Static worms
  • Spliceworms

Habitat and behaviour

As is common to all insects, the worms use superior numbers as a means of survival. However, there have been known cases of a singular worms carving out an existence in the wilds. One such occurence was reported by Empire War Heroes when they were on their way to infiltrate a hostile fortress down the Draco River, where they encountered a lone frozen worm within a spiraling cavern. Whether this kind of behaviour is strictly restricted to common worms morphing to queens or a genetic mutation in behavioral pattern remains an open debate.


Worm queens are caveworms that have planted themselves in the ground and lay eggs, leading to a worm infestation. It is unknown how worm queens are morphed, but the leading theory is that a lone worm plants itself in a position it deems suitably safe, distant from harm, and begins laying eggs.

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