Empire War Heroes

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Early History

Among the last groups of people sent down to Exile before Hawthorne's death was a small band of adventurers who were fated to become the most celebrated of Avernum's heroes. This band enlisted in the avernite army and was stationed at Fort Ganrick in 823 IE, when the Vahnatai barriers appeared. They were the only travelling band near Formello when Bon-Ihrno made his plea there, and thus were tasked with travelling the Black Waters to Vahnatai lands. Once there, they became members of the Olgai tribe and were tested by the Olgai Council, who subsequently removed the barriers.

During the Season of Blood

The Council then employed them to rescue the Crystal Souls of Caffren-Bok, Jekknol-Bok, and Vyvnas-Bok. This most significant of their deeds convinced the Olgai tribe to become an ally of Avernum and an enemy of the Empire. Also, under the direction of Mahdavi, they infiltrated and destroyed the mass teleporter that would have allowed the Empire to flood Exile with troops. Finally, with help from Rentar-Ihrno, Erika, Solberg, and many other wizards, they assaulted Garzahd's fortress and slew Garzahd, mastermind of the Empire's plans. In combination, these epic acts turned the tide of the Empire-Avernum War.

Other deeds the group is sometimes credited with include raiding countless Empire outposts and several traitorous Vahnatai forts, killing Empire generals Elderan and Limoncelli, destroying the lich Midori and the rest of the Twelve, exorcising numerous cults and evil spirits including the First Expedition spirits in the Mertis Spiral, helping to awaken several groups of Resting Vahnatai, freeing Sulfras the dragon, and discovering the secret of Quickfire. It seems unlikely that such a small group could possibly accomplish so much in a single year; some of these stories may be embellishments.

After the War

After the war ended, they spent several decades in the service of Avernum, going on delicate missions, helping to marshall resources, and organizing the new Unspecified Services department, created in recognition of the utility of small groups of adventurers. All told, the Empire War Heroes did more for Avernum than anyone else, save Micah and the Five.