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A typical wyrm (also spelled wurm) is about twenty feet long and two feet in diameter. Wyrms have no legs, but they possess an acidic venom. These features make them more like snakes, but their huge size and relatively high level of intelligence cause some researchers to compare them to drakes. Wyrmskin is also a very valuable commodity, as the majority of it can only be harvested in the Midori Province of Valorim, the natural habitat of the wyrms.

Dark wyrms

Dark wyrms are larger, stronger and more fearsome distant relatives to wyrms. Their paleness suggest that they spent largely their entire lives underground or in shadowy regions, safe from the sunlight. This theory is more supported by the fact that dark wyrms do not seem to have eyes: this suggests that the creatures must have other highly evolved methods for sensing their surroundings and detecting their prey.

These wyrms are known to be able to breathe darkness. The entropic breath causes heavy acidic-like irritation, severe damage and enfeeblement to the victim, making the dark wyrms a very deadly foe that usually only the most disciplined warriors and magicians dare to challenge.

Many dark wyrms have been rumoured to be located in the Pit of the Wyrm in Monroe Province.


There are at least four kins of wyrmkin: spitting, searing, inferno and crystal.