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A map of the Midori Province with major settlements marked.

Midori Province is a densely wooded region which is situated almost directly in the center of the continent Valorim. The capital of Midori Province is Lorelei. Midori's northern border is taken by Footracer Province and Monroe Province, its western border entirely by Monroe, and to the south by the Isle of Bigail and Karnold Province. The only province that doesn't border Midori is Krizsan Province in the far south.


Due to its central location, its size, and its economic potential, the Empire has a good deal of Imperial citizens, just under one million. Furhtermore, there are estimated to be a few thousand Avernite and Nephil woodsmen scattered through the woods.


The sprawling southern and western Midori forests are easily harvested and exported. These are then shipped by caravan to the western ports of Wainscotting and Marish. As such, Midori provides a large supply of lumber for the rest of the Empire, and Valorim. Most of the wood is shipped either directly to Pralgad, or to the intercontinental caravans at Blackcrag Fortress.

Caravans often come through the Blackcrag Pass into Midori Province, as it provides a fast and protected route through central Valorim. Due to its bordering of four of the other five provinces, this makes cities like Lorelei essential trade hubs for all of Valorim.

The cities of Wainscotting, Marish, and Lorelei are the major centers of trade in Midori. The former two due to their being on the western coast, and being close to the woods, allowing them to export large amounts of lumber. Lorelei meanwhile is the largest city on one of the rivers flowing in or out of Lake Tomor, giving its ships access to many parts of Valorim, and making it a trade center.

Settlements and Geological Locations


Geological Locations

Lake Tomor


Being one of the first areas of Valorim to be settled, Midori has a long and vibrant history.


Upon the discovery of Valorim, Midori was one of the first areas to be settled, and the third to become a province, after Footracer Province and Monroe Province respectively. Due to its central position, Midori became the stepping stone for immigrants from the other continents to settling Southern Valorim.

The Plagues

Much later in history, during the Plagues of Valorim created by the Vahnatai mage Rentar-Ihrno, Giants from Karnold Province raided the more rich areas of Midori, and they were difficult to fight. Eventually, the Surface Explorers dually dealt with both the Plagues of Troglodytes and Giants by removing the barrier seperating them at the Troglodyte Castle. The Giants and Troglodytes engaged in pitched battle, which weakened both sides dramatically, to the point were the Imperial Army was able to successfully mop up the remaining survivors.

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