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Monroe Province lies in the northeastern part of the continent of Valorim, on the surface of Ermarian. Its capital city is Gale.


A map of Monroe Province


Monroe Province is estimated to have an area of 300,000 square miles. This estimate, however, includes vast stretches of empty, disputed territory that are often held to belong to no province at all. Among these is Maddock Isle which has long been abandoned by civilization.

The following cities lie within Monroe Province:

The city of Execa, on Maddock Isle, was once counted among these, but it is now deserted.


The population of Monroe Province lives very centralized, with almost three quarters of its circa 1,600,000 inhabitants living in the large city of Gale, a further 200,000 living in Tevrono, and the rest of the people distributed across the smaller towns, villages and farmsteads. Its Nephilim population is almost non-existant due to harsh segregation policies practiced by its government for decades. Few inhabitants of Monroe Province have ever seen one of the Slithzerikai in their lives.


The people of Monroe province spend most of their time mining the lucrative mountains in the center of the province. Various gems and metals have been found, even rivaling some of the mines on Vantanas. In addition, the forests near Tevrono are an important source of lumber for the region, and are even shipped to other continents and islands through the port of Mernia.


Monroe Province was the second to be formally established after Footracer Province, although the original settlement of Gale is believed to predate the Keep of Tinraya (Footracer's capital) by at least a decade.

During the time of the Plagues, Monroe Province was threatened by golems produced in what is termed the Tower of Shifting Floors. These golems are judged to be the most dangerous of the plagues save the six-legged Alien beasts attacking Footracer, and the population and economy of the area was sorely affected.

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