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A time reckoning that is commonly used only on Aizo, and sometimes in Imperial Accounts. In the other continents and Avernum, it has long been replaced by Imperial Era (IE), the reckoning that begins with the declaration of the Empire on Pralgad. Y.E. is considered highly old-fashioned, and is sometimes used to achieve style.

The declaration of the Pralgadian Empire, ie the start of the Imperial Era was in Y.E. 4621. The start of Y.E. was in 4621 BP

The Aizoan Calendar begins on the 15th of Evermoon, while the Pralgadian one begins on 1st of Remembrance. In Pralgadian terms, the YE year is 4621 plus the current year in IE on all days before Evermoon 15, and 4622 for the other twenty days (see Pralgadian Calendar).

Prazac I was born in both 799 IE and 5420 YE.