Avernite Folk Songs

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In Avernum, music is a welcome respite and from it's turbulent history many songs unique to the underworld were created.

The Lizard Counting Sound

Whether it is used to teach numbers to children or to simply stave the boredom, the counting song is well known (and to some, an annoyance). The song is about an undetermined number of giant lizards on a chain when at the end of each chorus, one will fall and there will be one less on the chain. The song continues in this fashion until there are no more lizards left. Here is a sample of the song:

There are six lizards, six lizards, six lizards;

there are six lizards at the end of the chain;

pulling and dragging and snarling in pain.

And then one slipped and fell into the dark.

And now there's five lizards at the end of the chain

This song seems to reflect the peculiar hatred Avernites have for their vicious beasts of burden. Pedantic scholars say there must be an upper limit of how many lizards can be held on one chain before it becomes ridiculous. Others simply say it is a song and it doesn't need to be realistic.

Anti-Empire songs

Due to the antagonistic relationship Avernum has had with the Empire a host of songs were written denouncing, mocking and generally threatening the Imperial government. A classic example of this is the song Devils in the Hole;

You put us in the portal,

for what you say we lack.

You try to forget us,

think we cannot attack.

When you walk with Hawthorne,

best hold to your soul,

for we are the devil,

way down in the hole.

Lamentations for the Sun

Another broad category of Avernite folk music are lamentations for the lack of sunlight and how they miss the surface world. These were some of the earliest songs created. A much more optimistic song is The Sun within you which speaks of despite being far from the sunlight, not to lose hope as everyone still carries the sun within.

Tell your children,

tell them so they know.

For we live in the dark,

for we struggle to grow.

It is with you, young ones.

The sun is inside you,

wherever you go.

The Spider song

Not exactly a song of by an Avernite, nevertheless it has been added due it originating in Avernum. A short song composed by a GIFTS called Spider:

Sometimes I get all hungry

And then I catch some flies

They fly into my webs

They are really yummy guys

Songs from Statues

The writings of Hawthorne's Assassins made note of a living statue called Helena created by Khoth who often sang. Here are two recorded songs:

Oh my garden, my delight,

growing in my eternal sight.

Grow sweet lichen, on my base.

Moss upon my chest and face.


Look upon the fountain there.

Dangerous as it is fair.

But it could be very nice,

if you could drink its waters thrice

The Ballard of Vanderin

Source: Ermarian canon

This song is very recent as it doesn't even have a name yet but as it was composed by the adventurer Vanderin it has been called that. It deals with the recent events and upheaval in Avernum's history. Sadly there are no complete lyrics of this Ballard.