Hawthorne's Assassins

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Although adventurers were always common in Avernum, it was some years before any rose to real prominence. In 817 IE, a group appeared, full of selfless ambition, willing to take on dangerous tasks in order to aid the people of Avernum, rather than purely in pursuit of treasure. King Micah enlisted their aid in the slaying of Sss-Thsss and Grah-Hoth, two enduring threats. They also worked with the Scimitar to uncover the last remaining exit to the surface.

Without a doubt, though, the deed for which they will always be remembered is the assassination of Hawthorne III. The adventurers collected the brooches of the First Expedition. Erika Redmark used their power to teleport the group to Hawthorne's throne room, where they slew him, precipitating the Empire-Avernum War. Despite the many accomplishments of this group, the devastation of the war led most Avernites to regard adventurers with suspicion.

Other deeds the group is sometimes credited with include the destruction of giant and nephilim strongholds, the slaying of the haakai Adze and the dragon Pyrog, the retrieval of the treasures of the First Expedition, and the reforging of Demonslayer.