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"I know of worlds you cannot contemplate, and of facts of science so bizarre you cannot imagine. I can speak tongues thought lost to the Earth. A hundred human minds could not encompass all that I have forgotten." -- Khoth

Khoth the wise was the most learned of the five dragons of Exile. His home in the tunnels north of the Abyss boasted one of the greatest libraries in the caves, tended by undead spirits under Khoth's command.

His location put him in close contact with Empire troops. When the Empire first secured Exile for use as a prison, they contracted with Khoth to have him provide wards for one of the guard towers near the teleportation augmenter. In return, they promised him books; but they delivered few, and stole a historical scroll from his library in an attempt to manipulate him. Khoth destroyed an Empire outpost in revenge, but could not find the scroll. It was eventually returned to him by Hawthorne's Assassins, whom Khoth helped to pass the guard tower on their way to assassinate Hawthorne III.

Despite his longstanding hatred of humans and of the Empire, Khoth was eventually forced to become their servant during the Empire-Avernum War. Empire troops held his books hostage, threatening to burn them if he didn't aid them. Khoth's aid may have been integral to Garzahd's enslavement of Sulfras.

For a brief time after the conflict ended, he resided in Valorim with his surviving siblings. While there, he provided the spell used in crafting the Beastslayer Blade for the Surface Explorers.

Khoth is rumored to have built a palace and made the Za-Khazi Run his new place of residence. There are no reliable reports, but this is not surprising considering his famous reclusiveness.

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