Crypt of Drath

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Dungeons and Lairs of Ermarian
Crypt of Drath
Scree Pits
Tomb complex
Undead, rats
Tip of Demonslayer kept here.

The Crypt of Drath was a deadly multiple level crypt which was the lair of the lich Drath. From reports it is unknown which people built the crypt as the language written on signs were unrecognisable to the adventuring group who explored it and all the frescos and murals were faded and unreadable. There is evidence that humans have come to Avernum centuries before the First Visitation, other candidates are Slithzerikai or Vahnatai as there were signs of Vahnatai tombs in the nearby area.


Several centuries ago the crypt was designed and built for the lich Drath and it called all manner of undead to it's side. The human contact it made was when a group of the First Visitation came across the tomb and were wiped out. The lich curious about these arrivals went out and brought back the tip of Demonslayer to it's lair. In 817 IE, humans visited a second time, a band of adventurers given the task of restoring the blade Demonslayer. The group cleared out the crypt of undead and slayed the lich.

Crypt Layout

First Level

The top level was comprised of several small tombs with a heavily enchanted stone door in the middle which lead to the stairways to the second level.

Second Level

Half the of this floor was a deep cave pool.

Third Level

The bottom floor of the crypt where the lich itself lived as well as where the tip of Demonslayer was held. But the main part of this floor was comprised of an intricate portal maze.