Discovery and Conquest of Vantanas

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Source: Drakefyre canon

Historical account: The Discovery and Conquest of Vantanas
Written by Emperor Strongarm II, 664 IE
Began: 441 IE | Ended: 535 IE
Preceded by: Anama War Succeeded by: Discovery and Conquest of Valorim

As told by Emperor Strongarm II, recorded by Imperial Librarian Hardan, 664 IE

Initial Discovery

In 434 IE, while pursuing fleeing Anama to Aizo, the Imperial Navy of Ironclad VII came across a large island to the southeast of Aizo. Nobody from the Empire had ever set foot on its virgin shores, and Ironclad VII sent an exploratory expedition to the island in 441 IE. Scholars proficient in Ancient Aizoan at the University of Solaria dubbed the continent Vantanas.

Exploratory Expedition

The expedition was stunned by what they found. The island was rich beyond their wildest dreams - veins of iron, gold, silver, and copper were clearly visible in rock faces, and huge vaults of spices were found just miles from their landing point. The expedition's recommendation to the Emperor follows:

"It is our unanimous opinion that the glorious and eternal Emperor begin settlement of this new land immediately. It is a young, rich land, with gems, minerals, and spices, and it could very well finance any future expenses of the Empire."

What the exploratory expedition failed to find, however, were the dangerous jungles and swamps of the land, the violent volcanos, strange beasts, and, perhaps most importantly, the native tribes of Vantanas.