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Aizo is the second-largest continent on Ermarian and the birthplace of the Empire. A hardy continent characterized by its old, softer mountain ranges and large, sprawling forests, Aizo has not been developed nearly as much as Pralgad and still manages a good balance between the old and the new. Nearly 90% of Aizo's inhabitants are ethnic Aizoans.




1,900,000 square miles - the second largest continent in the Empire.


Aizo has a temperate climate categorized by hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters inland, with a more mild climate at the coasts, moderated by sea breeze and the ocean.


The continent has grassy coastlines, with thick forests and hills inland, along with several old mountain ranges slowly turning into hills.


45,000,000 humans and friendly species. The population is concentrated mainly around the coasts and several miles inland. The center of the continent is still somewhat wild and untamed.


Only recently have non-humans been welcomed back to Aizo, and only by an Imperial Decree. Aizoan culture is considered extremely xenophobic and Aizo cleansed itself of non-humans centuries before Pralgad did. The only non-humans to return to Aizo have been small groups of Nephilim, that live in isolated communities at the edges of the mountains and forests.


Literacy Rate

56% of adults over 15 can read and write. Considering that there is only one university on the whole continent, the number is considered extremely impressive by experts.



The capital of Aizo is Stonehurst, located on the northeast coast of the continent. It is also the largest port on Aizo and an integral part of the economy.


A lot of the more lucrative industries on Aizo are also the most dangerous. Logging and mining command the most money, but they also involve the center of the continent and not the tame coast that Aizoans are used to. The mountains of Aizo are rich in iron and tin, which are exported throughout the Empire. Most of the continent's trade occurs across the seas, which necessitates a strong merchant marine, provided by the Sailor's Association and still in conflict with the Imperial Navy. There is heavy demand on Pralgad for Aizoan textiles and clothing, as most of the traditional Imperial craftsmen have relocated to the more old-fashioned Aizo and away from the industrialization of Pralgad.


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