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Source: Relhan canon

As there is only one Empire in Ermarian (for the Kingdom of Avernum see there), "Emperor" always refers to one of the rulers of this realm. An Emperor reigns until he dies or resigns to let his crown prince take the throne.


Emperors cease to use their given names upon ascending the throne. They may still be referred to by their full names in some ceremonies, but this is rare. For most purposes they are known solely by the name of their house, and their number in the dynasty (thus, Sol IV is the fourth emperor of the House Sol).

Cultural Heritage

Since the establishment of the Pralgadian Empire, its rulers have come from noble houses that were originally Aizoan.

Pralgadian Emperors

The Empire is old, and has seen many different rulers. Below is a list of all the Emperors and their reigning periods. This refers only to the Pralgadian Empire; the Aizoan Empire is still lacking information. All times are given in Imperial Era (IE), counted since the founding of the Empire in Pralgad.

House Sol

House Ironclad

House Strongarm

House Hawthorne