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Exile/Avernum Conflict
The subject matter of this article is different in the Exile and Avernum series.
An attempt has been made to unite the two concepts as best as possible. (See Exile vs Avernum)

Exile (verb) - To banish or expel from ones native land. Exile is also a place - many miles of caves and tunnels, far below the world's surface.

Exile, sometimes just referred to as "the Caves", is an expansive system of caverns that lies many miles beneath the surface of Ermarian. It is home to the Kingdom of Avernum.


The known (and humanly accessible) parts of Exile are estimated to cover an area of around 350,000 square miles. A further 75,000 miles are either covered by underground lakes, or otherwise inaccessible.

Magical scrying has revealed further galleries and caverns lying beyond the walls of the known lands. However, extensive excavation of these has not been begun, since there is at present no need for additional resources or living space, and there is a general labor shortage anyway.


There is no known physical connection between the surface world and Exile, though several passageways are said to have been sealed off. The actual location of the caves does not bear much importance, as the only way of travel to and from the surface is by teleportation.


Approximately 1,000,000 humanoids, including 450,000 humans. Other species include goblins, giants, Nephilim, and Slithzerikai.


See Kingdom of Avernum.

Map of Exile


The cavern has a set of teeth
A tongue of river, fungus hair
A face to match the sun above
Shining on those who do not care

— Gilbert

  1. Northeastern Exile
  2. Eastern Gallery
  3. Honeycomb
  4. Great Cave
  5. Giant Lands
  6. The Abyss
  7. Waterfall Warrens

North of Giant Lands are the Northern Waters.