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Not much is known of Gladwell's early life before he took up residence in Bargha during the Time of Shades except for a few things.

  • He's a native Avernite.
  • He's was trained to be a mage at Patrick's Tower.
  • He was thrown out of some city or settlement because the slimes he was raising had killed four people.

Time in the Abyss

In 853 IE, Gladwell moved to of Bargha of the Abyss and became its resident mage. In 855 IE, a group of adventurers (later known as the Shade Killers) traveled through Bargha looking for a tunnel. Somehow Gladwell was able to convince the Avernite government to build a teleportation pylon in Gladwell's office and he let the adventurers use the pylon. He also used them to feed another batch of slimes that he was raising. Here is another dark patch of time in Gladwell's life. No one knows what he did after he left Bargha in 856 IE and before he built his new tower in the Northern Isles in 866 IE. We do know that he gained quite a bit of power.

Frontier Experiments

When he did build his tower in 866, he used his power and influences to bind others to do his will. He also performed gruesome experiments on creatures. In 870 IE, he used a small group of Empire soldiers (later known as Prazacs Avengers) to find, kill, and extract certain parts of incredibly rare creatures as they traveled through the Northern Frontier. To make sure that they did so, he put a Geas on them.

Back at Patrick's Tower

When the Slith Horde attacked in 878 IE, Gladwell abandoned his tower. Not because he was afraid that the Slith Horde would break into his tower, but because no one else could get through the horde to get to him. He went to The Castle to offer his services and he was sent to Patrick's Tower. There he worked on his many experiments, making wands for the Avernite army, testing samples taken from diseased fungus and maintaining machinery of uncertain purposes. In 880 IE, a small group of soldiers (later known as the Horde Triad Slayers) came to Patrick's Tower on a mission from the Castle. While there, they met Gladwell and entered into his employ. Gladwell sent them to various areas around the caves unleashing raw magic that had been tapped or capturing certain creatures to raise. He was killed by those same adventurers in the ruins of Erikas Tower in 881 IE.