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In 852 IE a group of adventurers joined the lower rankings of the Army and were sent to Fort Monastery. Not long after arriving, reports came in about sea monsters and Greater Shades. Fort Monastery, however, could not get reports because a band of Nephilim were between them and Fort Draco. It wasn't until this group cleared the way that the dire news hit the fort. Captain Matos released them of duty and their journey began.

First Contact

Starting in Fort Draco, the first major mission was to investigate an abandoned mine to the north of the fort. It was here that they recieve a mark from Vahnatai. They show the mark to Commander Anford and he tells them to visit Formello and gives them a letter to grant them entrance.

At Formello, they are briefed on the Shade of Ice and eventually told about the strange magic coming from Motrax's old cave. When they investigate the cave, they find a small crystal that, with the help of another crystal, contains a message. When they deliver it to the mayor, she tells them to take it to the Castle.

Trip to the Castle

Along the way they battle bandits, chitrachs, goblins, nephilim, sliths, and undead. Almaria had the Shade of Venom and has closed its gates but they find a way around. When they arrive at the Castle, they bring the crystal to Commander Houghton who tells them of a report of a Vahnatai prisoner named Ghall-Ihrno in Almaria. The gates now open, they go in and free the him. Ghall-Ihrno tells Houghton about Rentar-Ihrno. Houghton then sends them back east to a cave with Vahnatai. It is here where they first meet Rentar-Ihrno.

After escaping, Houghton then sends them to Fort Emerald to retrieve a suspitious box. They bring it back and a trap releases 3 Vahnatai warriors who kill Houghton before they are killed. It is then that tey are allowed to see King Starrus. He tells you that Rentar-Ihrno's fortress is in the tunnels west of Fort Remote and sends you there.

Attack at Rentar-Ihrno's Fortress

From there they moved through tretcherous tunnels to reach Rentar-Ihrno's Fortress. With the help of friendly Vahnatai, they assaulted the fortress and Rentar was forced to flee. While at the fortress they found a broken rod that controled the shades. They return to the Castle and inform King Starrus that Rentar has fled. He tells them that she fled to the northwest corner of Avernum and asks you to take the fight back to her.

Before they leave the Castle, a mage researching the shades gives them the onyx scepter in hopes it could help disrupt the shades. It worked and the Greater Shades were all destroyed.

Journey to the North

The Shade-Killers needed to find a way to the Northern parts of Avernum where Rentar-Ihrno was. But to do so they had to find a way through the Spire Fortress which had been taken over by bandits. They had to go back to the Castle where Rone told them to speak to Vidrain to try to get into the Spire Fort. They cleared out the fort and killed Dervish Hecht, the mastermind behind the fort's attack.

From there they headed to Bargha, where after a quest or two, gave you a key to a secret tunnel out the west side of Bargha. From there they had to find a tunnel that lead to the northwestern part of Avernum. Once accomplished, they made thier way west first towards Khoth's Cave Ruins where they find Lich Anastasia who was the mastermind behind the Sea monsters.

Dorikas and Rentar

After that they headed south towards Erika's Tower ruins. It was here that they faced off against the Darkside Loyalists leader Dorikas who escaped through a portal just before being killed. From there they ventured north through dangerous tunnels filled with evil Vahnatai, demons, hydras, eye beasts, and crystal pylons.

From there they joined with some friendly Vahnatai and together assaulted Rentar's fort. After disabling some machinery and the occasional battle, they finally reached Rentar again. After a huge battle, Rentar-Ihrno, seeing she was losing, asked if there was another way to end the fight. Our heroes told her that she must give herself up to the Olgai Council. She agreed and the battle was over.

They returned to the Castle to find that the Sea monsters had disappeared, the shades were dead, and life was beginning to turn back to normal. This is the story of the Shade-Killers.

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