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A noble and respected Vahnatai advisor, Glantris-Bok sat on the Olgai Council while living, and advised Rentar-Ihrno as a Crystal Soul. Generally regarded as the most impetuous member of the Olgai Council, he advocated unrelenting war against the thieves of the Crystal Souls. Although he was eventually persuaded by Prossis-Bok to aid their Avernite allies, his fury over the torture visited upon Jekknol-Bok and Vyvnas-Bok led him to develop an intense, brooding hatred of all humans. His outward calmness after becoming a Crystal Soul only masked this. He joined with Rentar-Ihrno and aided her Plagues against the Empire. He dwelt for a time at Ghikra, while the Avernites still did not know the creators of the Plagues, and watched every human move. He cautioned the Surface Explorers against intervening on the surface with the tale of Ouroboros.