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Kelner has been living at the Tower of Magi since he was a young boy. When he was old enough, he was admitted to the Tower as an apprentice. While not the strongest magically, he was wise beyond his years, and he was the one person at the Tower who Solberg trusted enough to give instructions on how find him when he fled.

Kelner graduated to become a mage and took up a position as a teacher. There he remained for years, teaching apprentices and young mages and advising the Triad on important matters, such as the banishment of Linda and her subsequent reinstatement (which he opposed).

After the Tower of Magi disaster, Kelner was appointed to the Triad himself. With the recent disaster fresh in their memory, Kelner joined with several other Tower mages, Rone, and the Crown and worked on the abolishment of the Triad to give greater control over magic in Avernum to the King. Kelner stayed on as the administrator of the Tower Colony, overseeing rebuilding efforts and the whole school at the Tower.