Tower of Magi disaster

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In the year 833 IE, the archmage Linda, recently welcomed back to the Tower of Magi against the recommendations of both Kelner and Solberg, used her body as a conduit to summon the demon lord Grah-Hoth. Using ancient, arcane magic she became a portal to the netherworld through which a host of demons and haakai were able to enter the Tower of Magi. Their intent was to subjugate the Tower and make the area suitable for the demon lord's return. They destroyed the Tower and killed many mages, including Mahdavi of the Triad. Meanwhile, the Surface Explorers felt the pull of Grah-Hoth and teleported to the ruined Tower under the guidance of Seles. Aided by the ghost of Mother Clarisse, they found a blessed athame in the Tower and sought out Linda. When they finally found her she was frantically attempting to summon Grah-Hoth, and the adventurers plunged the dagger into her, both destroying her soul and closing the portal.