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Brief Summary of Solberg

Solberg is one of the Five and is a founding member of the Triad of the Tower of Magi, but he has never remained there for long. In 816 IE he fled the Tower to his own tower because he feared the demonic experiments of fellow Triad member Linda. He was stranded in this new tower by Garzahd's demons during the Empire War. After the war, Solberg returned to the Tower of Magi. He barely survived the demonic invasion brought on by Linda that destroyed the Tower in 833 IE. He was then then assigned to be the new administrator for Patrick's Tower right before the Retribution. When the new caves were discovered around 865 IE, Solberg took control of one of the caves to make his own utopia. He failed misserably. When the Slith Horde attacked in 879 IE, all areas were evacuated. Solberg returned to his administrator duties at Patrick's tower, but mysteriously left in early 881 IE. He joined the Horde Triad Slayers at Fort Duvno. They headed north to kill off the last of the Slith Horde Triad, Manburner. When Manburner was finally killed, Solberg stopped using magic to keep himself alive, and therefore died at the age of 140.


Solberg was born in 742 IE. He was the son of powerful wizards living in Solaria, the capital of the Empire. He attended the Imperius School of Magic. It was here that Solberg acquired Cheeseball, a housecat familiar. It was also here that Solberg met the other mages who would shape his destiny. In 776 IE, Solberg, along with Erika, Rone, Patrick, Aimee, and Linda were on the wrong end of a power struggle, and were exiled thanks to the efforts of Garzahd and his followers.


When they arrived in Exile, they saw barbaric attempts at society. Together they organized the people, and helped Micah set up a country. In order to be somewhat safe, they needed to end the attacks by demons, undead, and slithzerikai. In 779 IE, Solberg (along with the rest of the five) helped lead a small army of other warriors, mages, and priests, and stormed Akhronath, the fortress of the demon prince Grah-Hoth.

In 780 IE, the Five built a tower for magical experimentation called the Tower of Magi. Erika, Patrick, and Solberg consisted of the first ruling Triad. In 810 IE, Patrick and Erika left the Triad to found their own towers while Solberg stayed to continue running the tower.

During the First Slith War

The Tower ran smoothly until about 815 IE when it became clear that Linda (who replaced Erika in the Triad) was researching demons. Afraid that she would try to summon one, Solberg left with Cheeseball and built a small tower in a small lava field south of Formello. Before he left, he gave instructions to Kelner about where he could be reached in case he was needed. In 817 IE, Solberg's fears came true when Linda summoned the haakai Adze, luring it to the Tower with the onyx scepter.

Later, the adventurers who came to be known as Hawthorne's Assassins came to him to rid the tower of Adze-Haakai. He gave them information about the whereabouts of Demonslayer and the key to the area where the demon was. A week later the demon was dead. Linda was soon banished from the tower, and removed from the Triad.

During the Empire War

After the First Slith War, he made plans to return to the Tower of Magi, but before he could do so, the Empire invaded. Garzahd, who knew Solberg from his days back at the Imperius School of Magic, sent a horde of demons to assassinate Solberg should he ever leave his tower.

It was in 823 IE that he met the Empire War Heroes. He told them about Garzahd, about his weaknesses. It was this information that helped the adventurers assassinate Garzahd later that year.

During the Plague War

With the Empire forces gone, Solberg returned to the Tower to find Mahdavi and other mages hard at work on the Surface Portal. After a few years, the Avernites were able to populate a cave just under the surface of a mountain. Solberg agreed to stay at the Tower and help with the portal. Linda was also brought back to lend her powers to the portal, something Solberg was totally against. Even when he had reason to believe that Linda was up to her old tricks, his warnings were not followed up on.

In 833 IE, when it was reported about the slimes and other plagues on the surface for the last 2 years, Solberg agreed to give training to the Surface Explorers. At the same time, Linda tried to use the portal as a gateway to the nether realm and bind Grah-Hoth to her will. It went badly. Grah-Hoth used Linda's spirit as a gateway to the Tower, and Solberg (along with X) was one of the few survivors. When the Surface Explorers came to exterminate the demons, Solberg told them about what Linda did and where she could be found, helping them to close the gateway and save Avernum from the demons. Shortly after in 834 IE, The Crown had the Triad disolved and Solberg was moved to Patrick's Tower to be the Administrator.

During the Retribution

In 854 IE Just before the Black Shades appeared, a powerfull demon named Lord Bhoralon settled in a cave beneath the tower. Without the power to defeat him, Solberg ordered that the tunnels connecting the cave to the tower to be caved in. It wasn't until a group (commonly known as the Shade-Killers) came to retrieve demonslayer in 855 IE that Lord Bhoralon was killed. After Lord Bhoralon's death, Solberg was happy to tell the Shade-Killers where to find Demonslayer.

During the Northern Excavation

In 859 IE the caves just north of the Northern Isles were opened up to allow settling. In 861 IE Solberg claimed a huge cave and named it Tranquility. There he built his tower and with the help of others created huge numbers of sentinels to guard the cave.

In 870 IE the Prazac Avengers (while tracking Dorikas) came through Tranquility and Solberg told them that if they wanted to leave his cave safely, that they will have to fix the problem in the Sentinel Workshop southwest of his tower. The problem was that apparently Sorengard is working for the Darkside Loyalists and has tampered with controlling sentinel. But when they arrived, Sorengard told them that it was Solberg who was at fault. Solberg upon hearing the news was completely devastated.

During the Horde and Blight Era

In 878 IE Solberg was still reeling over the mistakes of Tranquility when news come through from the lower tunnels that a massive and hostile Slith force was coming their way. Thinking of regrouping, Solberg abandoned Tranquility and was then ordered back to Patrick's Tower. He had not wanted to flee, but to stand and fight. A decision that haunted him until his death.

He would get his chance in 882 IE when a group of adventurers later known as the Horde Triad Slayers were ordered to help him out as he planned to assault the main gate and attack Manburner. The attack worked, all of the Horde Triad members were dead. Solberg knew that he had served his purpose. He stopped using magic to keep himself alive and died.


  1. Member of The Five.
  2. Helped bring order to early Avernum.
  3. Helped build the Tower of Magi.
  4. Helped assault Grah-Hoth's fortress.
  5. Helped train thousands of new mages.
  6. Was on the first Triad with Erika and Patrick.
  7. Also longest reigning member of the Triad.
  8. Helped Hawthorne's Assassins kill the Adze-Haakai.
  9. Helped Hawthorne's Assassins recover Demonslayer.
  10. Helped Empire War Heroes obtain Demonslayer.
  11. Helped the Empire War Heroes learn how to kill Garzahd.
  12. Trained the Surface Explorers.
  13. Helped the Surface Explorers dispell the demon hoard that Linda summoned into the Tower of the Magi.
  14. Administrator of Patrick's Tower during the Retribution
  15. Helped the Shade-Killers obtain Demonslayer by requesting they kill Lord Bhoralon.
  16. Overseer of Tranquility
  17. Administrator of Patrick's Tower during the Horde and Blight Era
  18. Helped the Horde Triad Slayers kill the Slith Horde Triad member Manburner
  19. Oldest Living Person at time of death...140 years.