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Cities and Settlements of Ermarian
City of Kneece (Abandoned)
Isle of Bigail
Major Industries
Trading, Magical Research

In the days before the Anama, the island of Kneece, and its only city, Kneece, was rich, due to its hosting of the Kneece School of Magery. The School was the first, and only, such school at the time on Valorim. However, the golden age of Kneece soon ended with the coming of the Anama. The Anama philosophy spread through out the Isle of Bigail, and fearing for their lives, nearly all of the mages at the School fled across the Bigail Channel to magic-friendly regions.

At some point after this, giant lizards, salamanders, and even a drake moved into the city, and deconstructed it. The School was destroyed, as was much of the rest of the city. Eventually, the Surface Explorers arrived in Kneece from Kuper, looking for a cure for the Roach Plague. Here, they found a hermit-like mage, Purgatos who gave them a Phoenix Egg to destroy the Filth Factory. The mage reportedly recieved the Egg from a Vahnatai who teleported to him.

Recently, there has been plans to at least resettle the island, and possibly reestablish the School, but these are likely rumors.