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The Empire has granted permission to a select few organizations to teach magic. Under the Ironclad and even more the Hawthorne dynasty, these were the only places one could learn this art, for private apprenticing was outlawed. Furthermore, these schools were tightly monitored both in the knowledge they taught and in the values they imparted. Since the students of these schools would become the most powerful citizens of the Empire, it was of vital importance to ensure their loyalty.


The Kingdom of Avernum has few schools due to the scarcity of magical resources and knowledge in it's beginning years but none the less a few learning centres were founded.

Tower of Magi

Main article: Tower of Magi

The Tower of Magi for many years was the center of Avernum's magical learning and research.


Patrick's Tower

did not found any schools of magery aside from the central research laboratory, the Tower of Magi. This was due to the immense scarcity of magical resources and knowledge, that the magical community could not afford to scatter throughout the caves in several schools. B

Schools in the Empire

Skylark Vale

The Skylark School of Magery was in operation for just over a century until the rule of Emperor Stewart I. It was then closed down, one of the first such schools in a wave as new restrictions were put upon magical education.

This school has attained infamy within the books of history for the stunning case of pollution that was left behind in its abrupt closure. Said pollution came close to stripping the surrounding area of Skylark Vale of all life, but was fortunately purged by a group of adventurers in 844 IE.


The Saxton School of Magic is where Thralni received his famed orb.



The magic school at Kneece, an island off the coast of Bigail, was once the only school of magic in Valorim. It continued into prosperity until the Anama gained political control of the Isle of Bigail. Their strict anti-magical policies quickly pressured the school to shut down.

Without its primary industry, the city of Kneece suffered economic collapse and was abandoned. Within a few years, the ruins had been reclaimed by nature. Reports indicate that the site is now infested by giant lizards, including magical variants such as salamanders. The latter, who normally dwell only in volcanic caves, may be attracted by the remnants of the magical energy that continues to soak the area of the former school.


The Zaskiva School of Magery was an up and coming learning center until the Hill Runners Rebellion. The leadership at the time had the school shut down and all Mages there sent to the front.