Lake Tomor

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Lake Tomor is a large lake in Midori Province, central Valorim. Several rivers flow into it from Footracer Province and Monroe Province. It flows into the Bigail Channel on the Lorelei River. The Lake itself is just beyond the borders of Monroe and Footracer, and it is contested territory.

Waterfront Cities

Cities on Lake Tomor proper, not its tributaries, are:

Meanwhile, cities on the rivers that flow into Lake Tomor, and the Lorelei River, are from north to south:


Since Lake Tomor has rivers flowing all of northern Valorim, it has become essential for trading of all sorts. Raw materials are brought from Monroe Province and Footracer Province by boat, and shipped through Bengaro to Lorelei, where some are bought and manufactured directly. Meanwhile, the Sailor's Association sends foreign goods from other continents, most notably Pralgad, through Softport to Lorelei, and here most of the trading occurs. This has had the unintentional consequence of making Lorelei rich, and being able to exert a certain amount of influence over the other provinces by threatening to seal off goods.

Meanwhile, this network of rivers is also very beneficial to the Imperial Navy and Imperial Army. More than once the waterways were essential to putting down the natives like the Ratbane Clan during the settlement of Valorim. Lately, its military use has dwindled to stomping down the occasional rebellion in the wilderness of northern Valorim.