Footracer Province

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Map of Footracer Province.

Footracer Province is the northernmost province of Valorim, sharing a southern border with Midori Province and Monroe Province. The capital of Footracer Province is the Keep of Tinraya.


Footracer Province is the most settled province in all of Valorim, even after the Plagues, containing an estimated 1,900,000 Imperial citizens. Of these, an overwhelming majority are human, with slithzerikai and nephil having a few thousand each in Footracer.



When the Imperial Navy sailed past the Ndovlu mountains, they arrived in what would become known as Footracer Province. This led to the Discovery and Conquest of Valorim. A surge of colonists from overpopulated Pralgad went south into Valorim, and among the first cities settled were the Keep of Tinraya, captital of Footracer Province, and Blackcrag Fortress, guarding the Blackcrag pass into the Ndovlus. Eventually, the Empire felt satisfied that Footracer Province was settled enough, and it soon became the first province of Valorim.


When the Plagues of Valorim struck, Footracer Province was without a doubt the most devastated. Alien beasts invaded and destroyed the main population center in the area around the Keep of Tinraya. Seeing this, the Empire sealed off the area, condemning any survivors to death, and declared the Quarantine of Valorim. Some parts of Footracer were far enough away to avoid destruction by the Vahnatai-made monsters, most notably Blackcrag Fortress, the only city exempt from the Quarantine. It was in Blackcrag Fortress that the Reconciliation between the Empire and Avernum happened.


The cities of Footracer Province, from north to south, are:

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