Maddok Isle

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Maddok Isle is the large island south of Gale. There are no functioning settlements on the island, but there are several ruined cities that the Empire tried to establish.


Maddok Isle is long and thin and it's southern end is covered in marshland. There is said to be a strange stone pillar in the centre of the island and a large cursed graveyard further south. Due to plagues of undead there was no life remaining that was bigger than an insect. And the weather is unnaturally cold and foggy.



The isle was settled the same time as the rest of Monroe Province and it's residents enjoyed wealth from harvesting herbs, tourism and the fishing off shore. Then in 820 IE hordes of undead began to attack from the south end of the island. Residents that were killed soon rose as part of the horde. Soon the island was evacuated.