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Cities and Settlements of Ermarian
City of Gale
Monroe Province
Major Industries

Gale is the capital of Monroe Province. The city is located north of the ruins of Execa on Maddock Isle, south of Tevrono, northeast of Mernia, and southeast of Greendale.


Gale is the most populated places in Monroe Province, and one of the most populated in all of Valorim. There are an estimated one million six hundred thousand Imperial citizens residing in Gale as of the last census.


As the only major city on the eastern coast, making it very valubale to the Empire. Goods are funneled from other western ports to the more seaworthy ships of the Sailor's Association in Gale. The most noted goods coming from the harbors of Gale are gemstones, lumber, and metals. Also, as major western harbor, Gale also is the gateway for goods from the other continents coming into western Valorim.


Gale, as one of the oldest settlements in Valorim, has a long and intricate history.


Gale was one of the very first settlements settled by the Empire after Valorim was discovered, rumored to predate even Blackcrag Fortress. The settlement became very profitable to its investors, and grew steadily along with the rest of northern Valorim.

The Plagues

During the Plagues of Valorim, crafted by the Vahnatai mage Rentar-Ihrno, Gale and the rest of Monroe Province were very hard hit. Powerful Golems, second only to the Alien beasts, attacked, and the soldiers stationed in Gale were insufficient to defeat them on their own. To remedy this skribbane was bought by most of Gale from the Thieves Guild farms on the Isle of Bigail. Other then increasing the power of the soldiers and the speed of the city dwellers, it also had the unfortunated effect of making the populace paranoid. Eventually, the Tower of Shifting Floors where the Golems were being made was destroyed by the Surface Explorers, and this dark period of time ended for Gale.