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Meena was mayor of the town of Spire during the time of Hawthorne's Assassins. Stories describe her as short and muscular with long dark hair and a bad temper.


Meena was one of many bandits who chafed at the laws of Avernum and were sent the Abyss. This is where she saw an opportunity

At some point she claimed leadership of the town of Spire. Unlike other bandits, rather than steal her fellow abyssians Meena built and fortified, gathering supplies and followers. She enforced rules such as no thievery within the town with brutal public punishments and announced herself mayor.

While she herself refrained from banditry within Abyss she employed other bandit gangs to raid the north western region of the Great Cave. As well as this she insisted that all thieves in the area work for her and executed those who refused.

Around 817 IE she came across silver circlet which became her status symbol and tool for threats. Several groups attempted to steal the circlet but all failed. Except for one unknown group who managed the theft, which lead to people treading lightly around her for several weeks.

When the Empire invaded Meena rallied her people and fought the hated Empire. However, Spire fell to the invaders and it is unknown what happened to Meena but it is assumed she died in the fighting.