Motrax's Cave

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As the name suggests, a simple cavern that originally housed the great dragon Motrax, was imaginatively called Motrax's Cave. Soonafter the Kingdom of Avernum was established, the new exiles found an ally from the dragon. The humans fortified and expanded the cave to suit their needs.


During the First Slith War, the cavern was a remote one and saw little action, being far away from the frontlines. Nevertheless, Motrax is known to have helped Hawthorne's Assassins indirectly.

When the Empire invaded Avernum, they sent a contingent of assassins to kill Motrax. Despite killing the invading force, the dragon was grievously wounded. The garrison within was withdrawn to serve at the frontlines against the invaders, and a small pack of mages was installed instead.

After Motrax's death, there was no reason to guard an empty cavern that sorely reminded the avernites about the Empire's cruelty and viciousness. The cavern fell to neglect and abandon; with monsters moving in. The vahnatai used the cave as their base of operations in the later years during the Retribution Crisis.


During early years, the guard comprised mainly of guardsmen and archers. Later, during the Empire-Avernum War, golems served as the guardians for the people posted within the cavern.

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